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The Latest Retirement Travel Trend

Colleen Mulder-Seward, MBA
Retirement Calculator, Inc.
The Latest Retirement Travel Trend

Today's workers are retiring earlier than ever before and are enjoying active lifestyles. Each year, more than a half a million retirees travel from their home states for the sole purpose of finding a retirement home.  While there are still plenty of retirees traveling south seeking warmer weather, their latest travel plans have little to do with climate. Instead of mild winters, retirees are on a quest to find the perfect blend of safety and cultural activity. There are two types of retirement communities that are thriving in this latest trend.

The first is Active Adult Retirement Communities (AARCs).  AARCs are retirement communities where residents are typically at least 55 years old and want to maintain an active independent lifestyle. These communities often offer all the luxuries of an exclusive resort - swimming pools, spa facilities, and private movie theatres.  In fact, many AARCs are planned around golf courses and airports (these communities sport aircraft taxiways that start at the end of the residents driveways.)

The second is retirement housing on university campuses.  Many universities have begun to invite their alumni to return "home."  The list of universities sporting these retirement complexes is impressive - Michigan, Cornell, Penn State, Duke, Iowa State, Cornell, Alabama, University of Florida, and Louisiana State among others.  These living arrangements offer both benefits to the residents and the university alike. The retirees benefit from the cultural stimulation that college towns offer and some find a place to continue their work - when they may have be shunned by other employers - through teaching classes.  The universities benefit by having a ready-made population for its researchers to study aging and university-run hospitals gain new patients.

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