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Colleen's Corner

Asset Allocation

Often financial "experts" make asset allocation difficult to understand. My goal in this series of articles is for you to understand asset allocation thoroughly, in an easy to understand format.
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About Retirement Calculator, Inc.

Mission Statement

To provide consumers with best in class products and services to assist them in making critical economic decisions during their retirement years.

Key People

David L. Phillips
Chairman and CEO

David L. Phillips holds a Bachelor of Science in Business with a certificate in Direct Marketing, Sales & Advertising. David also owns over 2500 websites under the Retirement Calculator, Inc. umbrella, including: Retirement 401k, Retirement IRA, Retirement 403b and Retirement Savings Plan. David estimates that well over 250,000 people are using his Retirement Calculators to date. Several of his business solutions are currently in development and will continue to enter the market.

Robert J. Phillips
Chief Retirement Consultant

Robert J. Phillips holds a Masters Degree in Chemical Engineering and is a Registered Professional Engineer. Robert had a distinguished 31-year career with General Motors Corporation from which he recently retired. Robert retired as director of the Corporation's Environmental Activities Staff where he was responsible for environmental and pollution control activities of GM's vast manufacturing operations globally.

Nicholas Chilenko
Director of Internet Operations

Nicholas Chilenko comes from an extensive background in website design and Internet marketing, serving a variety of Fortune 500 and internationally-renowned clients. In addition to working with Retirement Calculator, Nicholas owns an online marketing firm and works as a Web manager for numerous corporations. Nicholas began his Web career at 11 years old and has since been recognized by several news organizations.

Colleen Mulder-Seward

Colleen Mulder-Seward holds both a business degree from Michigan State University and a Master of Business Administration degree from Wayne State University.

Since 2000, Colleen has served on the Board of Directors for the Southeastern Michigan Chapter of BetterInvesting. Colleen is a nationally known speaker and instructor on investments and personal finance.